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domenica 20 novembre 2011


For 24 years, Our Lady appears to Anguera (Bahia - Brazil) Pedro Regis, dictating messages for all mankind.
Messages are sent 3 times a week: every Tuesday and Saturday, and one more day variable. Translations from the original texts published on the official site in Portuguese
THIS BLOG IS BORN TO DISCLOSE IN ITALIAN DATA MESSAGES FROM OUR LADY TO REGIS PEDRO (Anguera - BAHIA, BRAZIL), PUBLISHED IN THE OFFICIAL SITE www.apelosurgentes.com.br PORTUGUESE AND NOTIFY THE OTHER MESSAGES AGREE WITH THE LADY IN THE WORLD HAS HAPPENED SAME MEDIA REPORTED bY - No Message Anguera 1511-5 December 1998 - "And 'all the prophecies must be fulfilled, but in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph."
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PROPHETIC MESSAGE OF OUR LADY STILL BEING FULFILLED22/08/2010 at 22:39Source: http://www.apelosurgentes.com.br/noticia.php?id=162Messaggi: http://www.apelosurgentes.com.br/
Polenta, 02/27/2010 (ANSA) offered some prophetic messages for your enjoyment, followed by subjects thatconfirm what had been announced before the Virgin Mary. Consider:
1 - In the message of Our Lady 01/01/05 prophesied the death of Pope John Paul II:
"Dear children, a large crowd waiting for a sign, hear weeping and greatLamentations and a mother loses her son (John Paul II). "Terra News: Saturday, April 2, 2005.Death of Pope John Paul II to 84 years.After watching the frank deteriorating health of Pope John Paul II in the last two months, theworld received the news yesterday of the death of Pope, aged 84.
2 - The message of the day October 12, 2007 Our Lady said:
"The cross will be heavy for the people of Chile. Will come from the north and the men will weep andsorry "...Reuters News Agency: Wednesday, November 14, 2007:Strong earthquake hits northern Chile.
3 - In the message 2643 of 18/02/2006, Our Lady said:
Great suffering will come to Palhoça and Insurance Among Rios.Porto mourn the death of hischildren ...G1 News: Dec 16, 2008Rain leaves of Santa Catarina Civil Defence on alertHardest hit is Palhoça. More than a dozen neighborhoods were flooded and four areas hadlandslides. Thirty-two of a residential condominium apartments were evacuated bysecurity. The families were taken to the ballroom.
4 - In the message 2644 of 19/02/2006, Our Lady said:
Just pray you will be able to bear the weight of the cross. It will pass in Florianopolis andCabo Frio causing great destruction. I grieve for what awaits you. Turn you.News of the People. November 2008: Florianópolis in emergencies.Floods in Florianópolis left thousands homeless and dozens dead in the interiorthe state.
5 - The Message 2613 of 10/12/2005, Our Lady said:Dear children, ... the earth will shake the pink (pink is the land of Lima-Peru).Seriguela.com Site News: Earthquake in Peru kills 8 degrees over 500 and shook BrazilOne of the biggest earthquakes in the history of Peru happened 20h40 (GMT) 33 kilometersthe coast, the ocean to 47 km deep (epicenter). The earthquake that struck the eighth grade (on a scale of 0 to 9) and was felt in Manaus (over 2,000 km away), already counts more than 510 dead, 1500 injured and thousands missing.
6 - In the message of 2678 09/05/2006 Our Lady said:
Rezai. Only the power of prayer you can support the weight of the trials. Ica and Arica: deathcome and will be great destruction.News Portal G1: 17/08/07Ica and Pisco, two of the cities most damaged by the earthquake that led to the destruction and killedleast 510 people in Peru this week, sights that were thriving.

Messages about an epidemic:
7 - In the message of 2559 09/08/2005 Our Lady said:Know that famous city desolate. An epidemic away from it many of itsresidents and others die. Rezai. The times of trouble came. "
7.1 - In the message 2602 of 14/11/2005 Our Lady said:"Humanity will carry a heavy cross for an epidemic."
7.2 In the message of 2626 10 / 01 / 2006 Our Lady said:
An epidemic will spread to many nations and My poor children will experience heavythe cross. Bend your knees in prayer. "

IHT News: Cripe swine spreads around the world
The swine flu has spread to virtually all corners of the globe, according toWorld Health Organization, the number of cases and deaths reported increases veryspeed
8 - In the message of 2880 23/08/2007 Our Lady said:A giant bird and deep waters. Here is a great suffering.Note giant bird = air= Deepwater oceanThis prophecy is attributed to the plane that crashed in the Atlantic
9 - In his message of 2580 27/09/2005 Our Lady said:
"Pakistan will live moments of anguish. Death and destruction will afflict my poorchildren ".
News from Pakistan.
Day Earthquake October 8, 2005 left more than 100,000 dead in Pakistan1st Nov 2005, 11:53 GMTISLAMABAD, Nov. 1 (AFP) - The earthquake that struck on October 8 northern Pakistancaused more than 100 000 dead, according to a new stock announced on Tuesday byPrime Minister Shaukat Aziz.
10 - The Message of 2649 04/03/2006 Our Lady said.
"Cries of despair will be heard in Burma and Messina."NOTE: Burma is the old name for Myanmar. Madonna uses the old name and not the current.Interesting.
Leaf News Online May 3, 2008:
Tropical Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar on Saturday, three days, killed nearly 4,000people and thousands of people are still missing.
11 - The Message of 2501 26/03/2005 Our Lady said:
"Dear children, the land of the queen will be surprised and your enemies will do great destruction"
NEWS Terra. July 7, 2005
London suffered terrorist attacks in the series.More than 50 people were killed and 700 wounded in terrorist attacks in thisThursday at various points in the network of public transport in London, according toofficial information
12-2587-Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace - 11/10/2005
Death will pass by the Philippines. Humanity will live the anguish of a condemned man.
Pt.wikipedia.org News:03/12/2006In all, Typhoon Durian killed 1,497 people and left hundreds more missing. Typhoon ....Durian killed 1,497 people pass through the central Philippines on Friday, causing strongrains, landslides and destroying homes and vehicles.
13 of 3137 21/03/2009 In the message, Our Lady said:
An accident in Italy will cause suffering and pain to mypoor children. Rezai. Rezai. Rezai.
MEANING OF THE WORD ACCORDING TO THE ACCIDENT DICTIONARYhttp://www.priberam.pt/DLPO/Default.aspxIrregularity of the ground, cracking, curling, Fragoso.
NEWS APRIL 6, 2009Abruzzo Earthquake devastatesIt was 3:30 in the morning from 6 April 2009, when an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude inthe Richter scale struck central Italy.
14 In the post-2616 17/12/2005 Our Lady Queen of Peace said:
Georgia will also experience heavy crossNews (Reuters) August 8, 2008Russia to wage war against Georgia, the Georgian president says
15-In the message of 2519 07/05/2005 Our Lady said:
Taiwan will experience great pain. Bend your knees in prayer and beseech the mercy ofMr.News: Folha de S. Paul 11/08/2009Typhoon kills 50 and leaves 600 buried in AsiaTAIPEI - Hundreds of people were buried yesterday by a landslidecaused by heavy rains brought by Typhoon Morakot in a village in southern Taiwan,according to officials of the country.
16 - On 02/05/2009 in message number 3155
Death will pass through Argentina and My poor children will live moments of dread.On 07/06/2009 in message number 3171, Our Lady back to warn:Behold a great tribulation approaches to the inhabitants of Argentina.NEWS 09.09.09Government confirms 15 deaths during tornado in ArgentinaBuenos Aires - Argentine health minister, Juan Manzur, said Wednesday that fifteenpeople died, including eight children, as a result of the strong tornado that hit the areanortheast of the country on Monday
17 - 20/04/2006, No. 2670 in the message, Our Lady said:
Jumps will be struck and My poor children will carry a heavy cross.OBS. Salta is a province of northwestern Argentina

News February 10, 2009Flood devastates Salta province (AR) 09.02Source: http://aleosp2008.wordpress.com/Final Hour and Monday morning, 09, a deluge fell on theSalta Province, Argentina. Desolation and destruction is all that can be seen in any directionyou look in the city of Tartagal. Five women killed, dozens missing for more than a thousandevacuated and thousands of others affected, is the initial balance of the tragedy.
18 - On 04/01/2006, 2637 in the message Our Lady said:
Three Hearts will experience great suffering (MG). Happen in Indonesia andrepeated in Angra dos Reis (RJ).

NEWS from 09.01.2007
GOVERNOR MINES Soar area devastated by rainThree Hearts in the Green River has risen seven meters. Entire neighborhoods were flooded and 600people are homeless. The streets of Santa Rita do Sapucaí spend only canoes and boats. There arefour days, they are the only means of transportation in the city. The flood victims are ina city school.
SOURCE: http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Brasil/0,, AA1413801-5598, 00.htmlNEWS from 01.04.2010

Creek (RJ) lists 50 deaths after landslides; loss comes to $ 250 millionDIANA BRITOCollaboration to Folha Online, in RioThe Civil Defense of Angra dos Reis (RJ) reported that three more bodies were found inMonday at Morro da Carioca, in the city center. Thus, the agency has recorded 50 deathsafter landslides that hit the local beach and the Banana, the Big Island.
SOURCE: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/cotidiano/ult95u674370.shtml
INDONESIA IN THE NEWS 03/03/2007 -Landslide kills 40 people in IndonesiaKupang, Indonesia, 3 (AFP) - At least 40 people died and dozens aremissing after a landslide on the Indonesian island of Flores in easternarchipelago, triggered by heavy rains, according to the last balance sheet announced on Saturday byemployee of the canton (territory) of Cibal.

19 - On 01/01/2006. Our Lady said:Cries of despair will be heard in Burma and Messina. The power of prayer will lead you to peace. Do not forget: God loves you and calls you. Do not be discouraged.

News:Cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) has killed 80 000, the army points balanceCyclone Nargis killed about 80,000 people in its passage through the town of Labutta, southwest of Myanmar, a military official said on Thursday (8) news agency"France Presse."Cyclone Nargis left an estimated 1 million homeless, according to a report on Wednesday(7) the United Nations.Source: G1
20 - On 07/01/2010 in message number 3263, Our Lady said:
Dear children, I love you as you are. I come from heaven to bless you and tell you that this is theopportune time for your conversion. Do not cross your arms. The Lord is calling you and awaits you. I know your difficulties and will speak to My Son Jesus for you. Do not be discouraged. Cofiai in the Lord. Firmly believe in His goodness and you will be rich in faith. Do not live apart from God's grace. Humanity is sick and needs healing. Rezai. Just as plants need rain to grow, you need prayer to grow in spiritual life. Do not be alarmed. In the great and final tribulation, those who have consecrated themselves I will be protected. I suffer because of My poor children away. The land of mountains be shaken and mountains descend in many places. Those who were faithful to the end will not experience defeat. Headquarters of the Lord. I am your Mom and I am always at your side. Courage. This is the message ...
NOTE: DOES HAITI EARTH MOUNTAINSources:http://www.bscac.ufsc.br/criacac/tiki-index.php?page=HAITIhttp://racabrasil.uol.com.br/cultura-gente/84/artigo5851-1.asp
NEWS: 14/01/10Complete coverage: Earthquake in HaitiQuake of magnitude 7 in 12 days killed at least 200 000.Have been confirmed so far the deaths of 21 Brazilians.G1 in Sao PauloA strong earthquake of magnitude 7 devastated Haiti at 16.53 on 12 January, time -19h53 Brasília. The epicenter was a few miles from the capital, Port au Prince.

21 - The Message of Our Lady, No. 2576, passed on 17.09.2005, she said:Will come to Calabria. My poor children will experience great suffering.

22 - Message of Our Lady, No. 2577, passed on 20.09.2005Cries of despair will be heard in Sicily.Note The messages were given one after another. One on Saturday and another on Tuesday. See thedates above.
NEWS: 05/10/2009
Berlusconi says landslide could have been worse; 22 diedFolha OnlineItalian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Monday that the landslide thathas killed at least 22 people in the city of Messina (southern Italy), could have been worse. "Thinking about the number of victims, we were very lucky, because they could be more,"Olmert said in remarks to the Italian press.
News: 16/02/2010
Landslides threaten towns in southern ItalyResidents of towns in Calabria and Sicily had to leave their homesLandslides triggered by incessant rains for several days that fall on thesouthern Italy threatens to bury two towns, which had to be completely clearedFor the people of Maierato, a village in the southern region of Calabria, and San Fratello, Sicily, there is only one option: to wait.The mayor of Maierato, Sergio Rizzo, defined as "apocalyptic" what is happening with the locality, whose barracks stadiums and turned under.

23 - The Message 3269 of 21/01/2010, Our said:
Dear children, Madeira is devastated and the inhabitants of the big city next to theTagus river will experience a heavy cross.
NEWS: 21/02/2010
Torrential rains wreak havoc IN MADEIRA ISLANDForty people were killed and 120 wounded. There are still missing. New pictures show the devastation caused by torrential rains on the island of Madeira, which is part of a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. The flood took cars and opened a hole in a bridge.
Source: G1More news: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Madeira Island devastated by floods
The paradise island of Madeira, Portugal, was devastated by the floods Saturday, whichcaused the deaths of at least 40 people, although rescuers believe that there are more bodies in vehicles and homes buried under tons of mud.Source: Catholic: http://www.radioecclesia.org

24 - In the message of 2527 24/05/2005 Our Lady Queen of Peace said:From Egypt comes news that will spread throughout the world and many men will have their faithshaken.
25 - In the message of 2489 27/02/2005 Our Lady warned:Dear children, the wise men will announce new findings about the life of mySon Jesus. Beware. Do not let the devil deceive you. Do not letyour faith is shaken. The truth of My Jesus is the Gospel.
News from the land:Gnostic "gospels" DO NOT SAY that Judas Iscariot betrayed JesusApril 6, 2006A document written about AD 300 and known as the "Gospel of Judas" has determined that this was not the traitor who sold out Jesus for a few coins, but the disciple in charge of the most difficult mission: to sacrifice him.
G1 news: Scientists have found the remains of Jesus' familyFriday, 25/02/2007 In a dig in Jerusalem, researchers say they found 10 boxes of bones dating from the first century Three of them have inscriptions of the namesJesus, Mary and Joseph
26 - The Message 3267 of 16/01/2010, Our Lady said:
Dear children, open your hearts to the God of salvation and peace. Be the only Lord and let Him transform you. Do not live far from the path I have pointed out over the years. Bend your knees in prayer. I do not want to force you, but what I say should be taken seriously. I am your Mother and I suffer because of your suffering. These are difficult times for humanity. Great suffering will come to the people of Chile. Such suffering will come to the inhabitants of Lisbon. Rezai. Pray, pray. This is the message I give you today on behalf of the Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Stay in Peace Amen
News: Earth.Earthquake of 8.8 degrees in Chile leaves at least 180 deadFebruary 27, 2010 6:25 a.m. • • updated at 14h04

At least 180 people died after the earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter scale recorded in the early hours of Saturday, in Chile, said the state TV channel Televisión Nacional. President Michelle Bachelet declared a "state of disaster" in the country.An earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale with epicenter in the sea, shook central Chile, 300 km south of the capital Santiago, according to data from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

16/01/2010 In the message, Our Lady said:
Great suffering will come to the people of Chile. Such suffering will come to the inhabitants of Lisbon. Rezai. Pray, pray.
Earthquake and tsunami kill more than 700 in ChileBy Mario Naranjo
Concepcion, Chile (Reuters) - The death toll caused by a mega-earthquake that struck Chile rose to more than 700 on Sunday with new information coming from the coastal towns devastated by the quake and tsunamis caused by it.

20/02/2010 In the message, Our Lady said:
A frightening place in Spain and spread to several countries in Europe. France will drink the bitter cup of pain. What I preached in the past will take place.
G1 news portal:
27/12/08Thunderstorm kills four in SpainA storm, which hit on Saturday (27) the Spanish Mediterranean coast, killed four people, three of them swallowed by waves, reported the rescue services and regional authorities.

28/02/10 - 14h51 - Updated 28/02/10 - 14h51Rises to 43 the number of deaths caused by the storm XynthiaThree deaths were registered in Spain and 40 in France.More than a million people remained without power.G1, with international agenciesThe preliminary assessment of victims of the storm Xynthia, which rocked the Atlantic coast of France on Saturday rose to 40, Civil Defense officials said. Most deaths occurred in the department of La Vendee, with 29 losses. About a million homes were without electricity in the country.
Regions of Spain and Portugal were also affected. In addition to the three deaths reported in Spain, the death toll rises to 43. The storm now heads toward Belgium."This number changes every minute so far as the search progresses. And may increase," said Commander Samuel Barnes, spokesman for the civil defense of La Vendée.

Cyclone causes at least 55 deaths in EuropeThe Civil Defense said he was surprised and blames the weather, which in fact did not anticipate the intensity of the winds that formed in the Atlantic and invaded the continent from Portugal.Winds of up to 200 miles per hour crossed six countries, leaving behind a trail of tragedies.
The cyclone, named Cinthia, was more cruel to France - especially the north coast. Forty-five Frenchmen died. Rescuers had to use boats and helicopters to reach the devastated areas.
The bad weather also reached Paris. At the airport Charles de Gaulle one hundred flights were canceled. In Germany, Frankfurt, 200 aircraft were prevented from taking off and another 200 could not land. In Spain, three people died.
In the English countryside a woman died when her car was taken by the current of a river that overflowed from one moment to another. But in London the storm was not felt.

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